Six-Pack Superstars is a brand new All-4 series which follows eight sculpted wannabes as they attempt to make it to the top of the fitness world,
in search of fame and cash.
Gaining a sneak peek into the gruelling training regimes, we discover just what sacrifices must be made to sculpt the body beautiful, reach the top of the fitness game and learn the true meaning of the word dedication.
For the competitors, the claws are out and competition is rife as we follow the eight ripped fanatics as they spend hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds each month transforming their bodies in their quest for extreme fitness, many of whom can reap lucrative rewards in the process.
Facing each other off in national competitions and revered bodybuilding events across the UK, it’s make-or-break time for the eight superstars as they cake on the fake tan, adorn their bejewelled swimwear and hit the stage to find out if months of gruelling nutrition and fitness regimes have been worth it, and learn who will win the ultimate bodybuilding prize.
Client: Channel 4 and Lime Pictures
Role: Motion Designer - Opening Title Sequence
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